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Welcome to elite_jb. Here you can post and find elite jonas brothers icons and graphics. However, to gain posting access, you must first apply to the community. Only the best icons are accepted, these will be icons that focus on skillful cropping, beautiful colouring, gorgeous use of textures or brushes, as well as appropriate text use.


posting icons
1. Please use a teaser of 3 or 4 icons.
2. If posting icons within this community, place them behind an lj-cut.
3. Otherwise, link back to your icon journal or community.
4. Please provide a maker tag.

general rules
1. Do not join this community. If you want to post icons, please apply. Otherwise, you can watch the community.
2. If you are taking anyone's icons, please credit them appropriately and follow their specific rules.
3. Be respectful to everyone in this community.
4. Have fun and enjoy the beautiful collection of icons.


how to apply
1. Introduce yourself, with your name, where you post your icons, and if you want to - who your favourite Jonas Brother is.
2. Provide between 10 - 15 icons that represent your best work, at least 5 of these should be Jonas Brothers related.
3. Please put "I don't have a favourite" in the subject line to show you've read the rules.
4. Include whether or not you want constructive criticism.
5. You need at least 2 mods to approve you to be accepted, likewise for rejection.
6. If you are accepted you will be invited to join the community.
7. If you are not accepted, then feel free to try again a week later.
8. apply here
9. Good luck!


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